November 8, 2018

Diego Revollo Embraces Change at a São Paulo Apartment

A young São Paulo family found their life in transition: a young daughter, a minimalist lifestyle, a new apartment in Alto de Pinheiros. Why not embrace those transitions in the apartment itself?

Saarinen’s Womb chair and ottoman are covered in a rich blue velvet from Regatta Tecidos, sitting below Guilherme Gafi’s sculpture in enameled, galvanized sheet metal. Photography by Alain Brugier.

Enter Diego Revollo, who devised a metallic portico system for the 2,200-square-foot apartment to integrate a balcony into a living room, which itself can open into a playroom via a series of elegant sliding doors. The original polished Cumarú floor now modulates in tone, with light grey walls and bursts of color provided by velvet upholstery across pieces by Brazilian favorites.

The master bathroom’s limestone washbasin is by Marmoraria Front Mármores; its fittings are by Deca, who also made the rainshower. Photography by Alain Brugier.

Thoughtful custom carpentry solves the problem of clutter, not only in the terrace and bedrooms but in an expanse of Cumarú counters and cabinets in the master bathroom beneath a vast custom mirror—not to mention a Doka tub that invites relaxation when all of life’s changes prove a little stressful.

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