April 24, 2018

Digital Tools Bring Botanicals to Life in Architectural Glass

Nature has been a source of artistic inspiration for millennia. Beginning with classical architecture and continuing into the contemporary era, elements of the natural world have found their way into our dwellings and public spaces. Modern design trends like biomimicry and wellness are today’s iteration of this longstanding fascination with the organic. Designers can use architectural glass to bring verdant images of nature into interior spaces, transforming sterile spaces into healthy ones for occupants and visitors.  

Flower Field used for a partition wall in a hospitality setting. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

Forms+Surfaces’ Zoom Digital Darkroom and Zoom Image Library are intuitive options for architects and designers looking to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. The Digital Darkroom is an interactive design tool, housed on Forms+Surfaces’ website, that allows users to create highly customized architectural glass designs for the company’s ViviSpectra Zoom glass. Designers can crop and further customize the roughly 90 images in the image library, a collection of large-scale, high-resolution nature photographs. Everything from sweeping panoramic vistas to captivating close-ups can be manipulated in order to design true-to-life or abstract feature and partition walls.

Ginger Plant in a hospitality lobby setting. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.

The library recently expanded with the Winter 2018 collection. The nine new images depict florals, cabbages, Romanesco broccoli, succulents, ginger plants, and more.

Cabbage, Romanesco, and Citrus in a restaurant setting. Photography courtesy of Forms+Surfaces.
Carnations used for a feature wall. Photography courtesy of Forms + Surfaces.

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