December 22, 2020

Dmytro Aranchii Architects Takes Minimalism to the Max for Eurosouvenire’s Kiev Lobby

The reception desk and back of the sectional feature coordinating patterns. Photography by Alik Usik.

Within the first decade of Ukrainian independence, Eurosouvenire set up its Kiev headquarters to design and manufacture souvenirs, which were then sold throughout Europe. More than two decades later, Eurosouvenire—the business still going strong—enlisted contemporary interior design firm DMYTRO ARANCHII ARCHITECTS to upgrade their existing office, creating a reception area that is both expressive and functional.

Each chipboard was individually molded. Photography by Alik Usik.

Using egger laminated chipboards, a series of extended ceiling panels create lines that guide the eye throughout the space. The functional fluidity of the panels, with curved expressions and shadowed transition space, direct foot-traffic in and out of the building, clearly defining the space. The reception desk and the built-in sectional also feature curved forms, creating an all-encompassing design that doesn’t overwhelm. 

The reception chairs and couch cushions add a pop of blue. Photography by Alik Usik.
The steps leading from the entrance corridor into the lobby tie into the rooms’ greater geometry. Photography by Alik Usik.

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