August 5, 2020

DS Studio Reinvents the Jewelry Store Experience for Mejuri in San Francisco

The jewelry displays are approachable, rather than visible only behind glass. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 

“Buy jewelry for your damn self” is the empowering slogan of San Francisco-based fine jewelry store Mejuri. The boutique store, marketed for professional women, defies all norms when it comes to jewelry shopping. As architect Dina Sarhane of DS Studio put it, the Mejuri team “wanted to reinvent the retail experience of what it’s like to buy fine jewelry.” Abandoning the traditional style of closed-off jewelry cases and restricted access, DS Studio designed the space to be hospitable and open.

A clear path leads patrons to the bar area, complete with comfortable barstools to enable a casual experience for shoppers perusing the jewelry. Customers are encouraged to touch and try on any piece, and the idea of touch also manifests through the textured wood mouldings in the bars and walls. Other materials, including brass accents and velvet platters, add to the mixture of textures while simultaneously emulating the luxurious quality of Mejuri’s products. To make the experience at this boutique even more unique, a piercing studio has its own special nook in the store. 

The piercing studio is tucked away discreetly in the shop. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 

Varying shades of pink-hued tones infuse the space with a feminine character, which is further amplified by the soft curves throughout, such as the round mirrors, display stands, and archways. The store doesn’t forget the character of San Francisco either. According to Sarhane, the Mejuri team felt that “it was important to attach an identity to the location.” As such, the custom wood mouldings and overhanging planter reference elements commonly found in the area. With Mejuri’s sophisticated design, patrons get a taste of historic San Francisco and a one-of-a-kind fine jewelry experience.

The Mejuri Flagship store in San Francisco has a bright and airy feel with plenty of natural light. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 
Shoppers are encouraged to explore and try on different pieces as they take a seat. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio.  
Mossy foliage cascades over a custom made washing light fixture with built-in planter to reference the variety of plants prolific in the region. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 
A closer look at the piercing studio. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 
Triangulated MDF moulding wraps around the jewelry counters topped with corian quartz. Photography by Krista Jahnke, courtesy of DS Studio. 

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