November 7, 2018

Dym California Textiles Blends Old-School Expertise With a Radically Inventive Spirit

Tilt Lattice, Forest Canter.

Old-school expertise meets a radically inventive spirit in Dym California Textiles‘ lineup of block-printed fabrics. “Our process rewards us with endless combinations of patterns,” says founder and designer Miriam Dym, who shepherds a staff of highly trained printers at her Berkeley, California, workshop. Modular and customizable, the fabrics contain all-natural fibers and nontoxic dyes. And thanks to a grant from Levi Strauss & Company, Dym is building a water recycling system to further reduce its carbon footprint. Among the variations in linen-silk satin are Tile Weave and Tilt Lattice, both fragmented plaids; Forest Canter, a playful stripe; interwoven Unchecked Plaid; and windowpane-like Waterfall. Also new this season is Printer’s Choice, a first-ever range of decorative pillows in canvas-weight linen with duck-feather inserts.

Tile Weave, Unchecked Plaid, Waterfall.

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