February 4, 2021

Florescence by Karv One Design: 2020 Best of Year Winner for International Commercial Lobby

Photography by Jack Gin.

Enlisted by the Guangzhou Vanke Real
Estate Co. to devise a 37,300-square-foot showroom for an upcoming development in the Huadiwan area, Karv One settled on a theme that would pay tribute to the growth of the flourishing city: a flower in bloom. Working within the shell of a former furniture expo center, the firm used curved walls to delineate a handful of commercial modules—a florist, bakery, barista counter, bookshop, and seating areas for children and parents—that together form a universal vision for the new urban community. “We created a holistic atmosphere for living, allowing people to unconsciously conceive real-life scenes of the future,” design director Kyle Chan says. Speaking to the floral theme are a cluster of petal-shape pendant fixtures that appear to drift above service counters and the immense slatted planes that form oblique partitions and canopies, filtering daylight across the palette of natural woods, stainless steel, and terrazzo in a manner evocative of sunshine streaming through trees.

Photography by Jack Gin.
Photography by Jack Gin.

Project team: Kyle Chan; Derek Ng; Jimmy He; Jacky Wan; Ally So; Yujie Peng; Amber Ho; Reeta Wu; Kennys Tseng; Bruce Lee; Nicko Hui; Hannah Shen; Cvin Ho; Lynne Li; Sushila Law; Cheryl Tam; Lou Lu; Samuel Wan.

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