July 1, 2020

Fluorine-Free and Eco-Conscious, Sunbrella Assure Technology Delivers on Durability

Sunbrella Contract has a wide selection of vibrant colors, unique textures and authentic patterns to create spaces that support a healthier environment. Photography courtesy of CF Stinson. 

In spaces specifically designed for health and wellness environments, or general common spaces with high foot-traffic, materials matter as much as the layout. The checklist for the ideal fabric goes beyond being easy to clean or abrasion resistant, let alone visual appeal, but it must actively contribute to improving the area. One company’s newest technology suited for performance fabrics is not only stain and fade resistant, but environmentally conscious as well.

Sunbrella Assure is uniquely suited to environments focused on health and wellbeing without making them looking clinical. Photography courtesy of CF Stinson. 

Sunbrella Contract, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance textiles, has developed a new sustainably engineered fluorine-free technology for fabrics that delivers on water repellency, water-based stain resistance and durability. Whether the project is designing waiting rooms, senior living residences, doctor offices, or dining rooms, Sunbrella Assure delivers protection against water-based stains and material abrasion without the use of fluorochemicals. The base compound in this technology also contains 60% renewably sourced content derived from a variety of plant-based sources, carefully selected to be from non-genetically-modified (non-GMO) and non-food-source feedstock. Working with organizations in the healthcare industry such as Healthier Hospitals, Sunbrella is emerging as a leader in facilitating changes that lead to more sustainable inclusions in design.

Assure brings together the benefits of fluorine-free technology with the leading design, performance and warranty Sunbrella is known for. Photography courtesy of CF Stinson. 

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative compliant Assure technology is applicable on many of Sunbrella Contract’s vast assortment of stylish and colorful fabrics with unique textures and patterns. Go for a bold palette with confidence as Sunbrella Assure is also fade resistant ensuring durability of not only the material, but its vibrant color, too. Sunbrella Assure is also incredibly easy to clean with regular soap and water. For really tough stains, a bleach solution can also be used without worry of damaging the fabric.

Sunbrella Contract continues in its commitment to the environment in creating a fluorine-free alternative for its fabrics so designers can create beautiful healthcare spaces. Photography courtesy of CF Stinson. 

“Sunbrella Assure is yet another example of how we continue to build on our legacy of smart wellness design and environmentally conscious actions,” Sunbrella chief marketing officer Steve Pawl says of their innovative technology. The Balance Collection featuring Sunbrella Assure technology ranges in 43 color options and 6 unique patterns, available through CF Stinson. The product is certified by GREENGUARD for low chemical emissions, contributing to healthy indoor air quality. Sunbrella Assure has additionally received verification from both European and North American organizations alike that the technology and production itself contributes to safer, healthier environments free from harmful chemicals.

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