July 17, 2020

FOR. Designs a More Relaxed Workplace Environment for Montreal-Based Genetec

The Genetec Experience Center, created in collaboration with Francis Turgeon of Capricorne Studio, presents the company’s technology and innovations to visiting clients. Photography by Stephane Brugger.

When security systems company Genetec surpassed 600 employees in its Montreal headquarters, the firm decided to rethink the management and organization of its spaces—a process that began with local interior design firm FOR. performing an in-depth analysis of the company’s operations.

“The process affected workflows, the elimination of silos, branding, materials management, furnishings, general traffic, and space management,” says André Davignon, president and artistic director at FOR. “This process made it possible to develop a truly meaningful place for users.”

Employees can write on 100 percent of the walls, which are made of whiteboard. Photography by Stephane Brugger.

Rich with this acquired knowledge, FOR. introduced a series of ultra-functional, 12-person hubs, fully surrounded by writable walls. On the public side, all reception areas gained a café space, lounge, and video games, while meeting rooms increased in number. The office bistro now doubles as an everyday social event room—every space designed for informal collaboration and cross-pollination.

Informal public spaces encourage cross-pollination and fast problem-solving. Photography by Stephane Brugger.
Reception areas are coupled with a café space and lounge where staff can relax and play video games. Photography by Stephane Brugger.
To facilitate discussion and scrum meetings, each Innovation Circle includes an all-in-one digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and collaborative computing device designed for teamwork. Photography by Stephane Brugger.
To foster collaboration, FOR. also transformed the bistro into an everyday social-event space with a wood-slat ceiling and long communal table. Photography by Stephane Brugger.

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