October 26, 2018

Form Us With Love Reframes Carpet Tile as Object for Shaw Contract

The design studio Form Us With Love is adept at solving puzzles. But a challenge from Shaw Contract sounded more like a riddle: How do you reinvent carpet tile? “Intense dialogue pushed the process forward,” Form Us With Love creative director John Löfgren recalls. Reframing tile as an object, not a surface, was the lightbulb moment, and the one that spawned the flexible tool kit of silhouettes dubbed Inside Shapes.

Inside Shapes by Shaw Contract.

It’s a self-descriptive moniker, as the Eco Solution Q nylon tiles are CNC-cut according to four geometric templates. Each tile is comprised of two halves (a semicircle, for instance, and its inverse), which intersect to form a 24-inch-square ground. Use the 12-color palette to unleash practically unlimited possibilities, or consider the 17 premixed groups.

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