March 1, 2020

Formica Corporation Draws on Artisanal Techniques to Create SurfaceSet® 2020 Collection

SurfaceSet®‘s Fluidity palette represent a sensory approach to the digital world. The Solar Orange surface brings an iridescent peach accent to a range of commercial environments.  Photography courtesy Formica Corporation. 

While resilient laminate surfaces are integral components of any commercial environment, surface designs that are both long-lasting and made with integrity can be hard to come by. Luckily, with Formica Corporation’s new SurfaceSet® 2020, designers don’t need to sacrifice authenticity for durability when it comes to executing their creative visions. Formica Corporation’s design team looked to the colors, textures, and patterns that define the world around us to develop 30 dynamic surfaces that can bring any interiors project, from hospitality to healthcare, to life. From warm wood grains to bright, tactile finishes, these new additions are honest expressions of the natural world, human capability, and the digital realm.

Layered Sand

Drawing inspiration from the ancient practice of rammed-earth construction, the Layered Sand design transforms the raw beauty of local sand art into a sleek surface fit for any setting. Derived from hand-made sandscape prototypes—built by mimicking the process of making rammed earth walls—these designs exude an aesthetic that is at once soft and highly textured.

Recycled Kraft 

To create SurfaceSet® 2020’s Natural Recycled Kraft design, Formica Corporation borrowed from the same sustainable techniques used for kraft paper production. Made from 100 percent recycled pulp and natural additives such as coffee beans and even dirt, this surface option highlights the unique speckles and embedded fibers that give kraft paper its hallmark artisanal feel.


Endeared for its association with handcrafted products and its versatile textile applications, felt has long remained a staple in the world of design. To bring the comforting, tactile qualities of this popular material to hard surfaces, the team at Formica Corporation used a high-definition scanner to capture felt’s natural patterns and imperfections.

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