November 1, 2020

Fräsch Debuts CUBISM Collection of Acoustic Solutions

A black and white pattern created using the PILO model serves as an art piece and acoustic solution. Photography courtesy of Fräsch.

For commercial designers, creating environments that foster efficiency while maximizing space is crucial. From envisioning floorplans that encourage communication, but not distraction, to selecting multi-use furnishings, productivity is at the core of most specification decisions—and noise poses a clear challenge. Fräsch, a Texas-based manufacturer of acoustic solutions, offers an innovative fix with its latest collection of colorful and customizable wall applications designed to keep unwanted sounds at bay.

Neutral-colored POLY shapes creates a subtle backdrop for the artwork in the room.  Photography courtesy of Fräsch.

The brand’s CUBISM collection features four 3D wall modules made from 55 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Not only is the polyethylene terephthalate felt-like fabric used in each piece advantageous for its sustainability benefits—enabling products to be easily recycled—but its inherent flexibility allowed the design team at Fräsch to fold the acoustic modules into inventive, hollow shapes to further enhance their noise-reducing capabilities.

A close up of the CLIF pattern, which features irregular corners and lines. Photography courtesy of Fräsch.

Inspired by the artistry of origami, the shaping techniques maintain the integrity of the fabric. By creating an empty cavity with a material designed to absorb sound, each shape is given its own noise reduction coefficient—a single digit measurement of sound absorption between 0.0-1.0. The acoustic modules in the CUBISM collection increase the NRC of the PET felt nearly 25 percent due to their hollow designs.  

The triangular PYRA pattern derives its name from its resemblance to pyramids. Photography courtesy of Fräsch.

With 37 vivid color options to select from, Fräsch offers endless customizations—80 percent of their work is dedicated to custom projects. Designers are able to create patterns, and even images, by mixing and matching colors using Fräsch’s digital builder tool. The varied shapes and colors in the CUBISM collection ease the planning of communal spaces, particularly workplaces, with benefits for both the people within them and the planet.

Fräsch’s secret trap door technology makes installation easy with a cut in the fabric that allows each unit to be screwed into the wall. Photography courtesy of Fräsch.

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