March 1, 2012

FRCH Design Worldwide Shops Mexico City

Liverpool Interlomas, a one-stop-shop department store located outside Mexico City, stands out with its futuristic inspiration and white, winding architecture. Designed by FRCH Design Worldwide, the three-level store combines key evolutional elements and the family-focused mission of Liverpool Interlomas with a strong fashion angle.

The firm incorporated the department store’s pink brand color with black to make a chic style statement, over-scaled visuals for pops of “wow” and “smart curves, creating a dynamic journey through the store,” said Peggy Kennedy, the brand’s chief marketing officer.

With a material palette based on fashion and nature, FRCH created a natural gradation: the fashion floor is dressed in chic black and white; the kids/sports level is sprinkled with bright colors against wood tones; and the third floor continues with warming woods ending with a natural, sky-lit ceiling.

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