an office interior with pink furnishings and a pink carpet

Futuristic Interiors Suit Galaxy Digital’s New York Office

2023 Best of Year Winner for Small Tech Office

Futuristic interiors are fitting for Galaxy Digital, a blockchain technology company in New York named for the stars. Designed by Young Projects, the elevator lobby sets the tone with a custom digital ceiling displaying a scrolling animation of the office mission. It leads to a space-agey reception lounge, where plush pink sofas by Mario Bellini meet textural cast-plaster panels clad walls and Yukari Hotta’s bulbous ceramic sculptures. Loosely organized, the plan for the 36,000-square-foot workspace encourages autonomy, creativity, and inter-team collaboration. A gradient carpet demarcates different zones and guides circulation. At the café, bronze drop-link curtains contribute to a moody, sophisticated ambiance, inviting employees to pop in for meetings or downtime. It all adds up to the physical manifestation of the leaders’ love of science fiction.

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a common area in an office with two blue armchairs
a cafe area with orange booths
an office hall with messages on the ceiling
an office interior with pink furnishings and a pink carpet

bryan young; mallory shure; udoiwod udoiwod; billy hutton; caleb ehly; isabella calidonio; daniel garcia; benjamin smithers; joanne yau.

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