January 8, 2021

Fyra Designs New Office for CBRE With Wellness in Mind

Soft textures and muted hues create a calming atmosphere inside the new CBRE office in Helsinki. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 

In Finland, a country often ranked as the “happiest” in an annual U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network report, design and wellbeing go hand in hand. So when CBRE, an internationally recognized real estate consulting agency, tasked local firm Fyra with creating a new workspace in Helsinki, the team set out to take biophilic design to the next level.

When envisioning the space, the designers focused on creating a playful office with plenty of elements that invite exploration and discovery, while maintaining a distinguished aesthetic. The resulting facilities feature an internal zone, used only by employees, and an external zone that acts as a showroom and collaborative space. “One of the project goals was to make choices that genuinely impact the well-being of employees,” the design team notes. “From a designer’s perspective, this was an ideal starting point.” To do so, the team considered optimal air circulation and quality, natural light, fitness, and employees’ overall comfort, incorporating greenery and water points throughout. And for moments that call for some R&R, designated “mindfulness spaces” offer the perfect opportunity to reset. 

Most furnishings were ordered from local carpenters. Vintage pieces also were incorporated along with Finnish product brands throughout. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 
The design team incorporated plenty of water points and greenery in the space. Plants are also used as space dividers between office desks and corridors. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 
The office features areas for internal work as well as a showroom and event space. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 
The color palette includes shades of green, brown, and blue. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 
Inventive furnishes encourage employees to move throughout the day to optimize health and wellbeing. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 
Designers opted to install wool curtains as space dividers to provide an acoustic barrier and bring flexibility to the space. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 

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