September 19, 2020

H2R Design Sinks Their Teeth into Colorful Burger Joint in Saudi Arabia

Diners have a variety of seating to chose from, including banquet tables and cozy nooks. Photography courtesy of H2R Design.

“Burgers” and “chic” are not words often found in the same sentence, but a new restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is giving local foodies a treat for their eyes—and taste buds. Surround, a quality burger restaurant with an indulgent menu, enlisted Dubai-based H2R Design to create a minimal yet playful space that inspires a sense of community.

Planters bring the outdoors in. Photography courtesy of H2R Design. 

Rising to the challenge, H2R Designs created a colorful and engaging eatery full of quirky design features. To invite a childlike sense of exploration, the design team conceptually divided the interiors into “the workshop” and “the playground.” The former is an open-kitchen that allows customers to watch the chefs prepare their food, and the latter is the dining area, inspired by scenes of school recess. The wall grid, reminiscent of graph paper, is filled with sketches that depict nostalgic free-form doodles.

A cheeky yet thematic sketch adorns the wall next to the women’s bathroom. Photography courtesy of H2R Design. 

To maintain an air of sophistication, however, the pink and green color scheme is applied in tasteful, lighter shades throughout, making the few bold moments of color stand out. Diners sit at marble tables with cushioned seats anchored by a gray concrete floor.

Sinuous teal lights offer a pop of color against the warm palette. Photography courtesy of H2R Design. 

Ultimately, Surround is designed to let each customer have some fun with their meal. The space encourages guests to come as they are with a variety of seating configurations suitable for groups and single diners alike. Planters between tables add a biophilic element to the interiors and the neon sign above the order-counter makes clear their mission: “Surround yourself with good food/vibes.”  

Geometric shapes carry over into the outdoor seating area. Photography courtesy of H2R Design. 

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