room with wooden paneled walls and woman with dog sitting on bench
Photography courtesy of Informal Design.

5 Patient-First Healthcare Facilities Embrace Tranquility

From Ukraine to China to the U.S., these peaceful dental, medical, and skin- and pet-care facilities worldwide swap clinical for calm.

Explore These Calming Healthcare Facilities, From Ukraine to Utah

CoZy Dental by Spiegel Aihara Workshop

Although the Z stands for founder Dr. Cici Zhou’s last name, the practice moniker is represented in its interiors via homey fluted millwork, pastel pendant fixtures, terrazzo-patterned ceramic tile, and biophilic accents. Douglas-fir ceiling beams draped with canary nylon mesh and walls painted a sunset gradient further the feeling of serenity in San Francisco.

13 Laser Clinic by Temp Project

Nature’s ruggedness meets 21st-century technology at the 1,700-square-foot skin-care center in Kyiv, Ukraine, utilizing organic cosmetics and advanced laser-based treatments. The concrete reception desk mimics a boulder and flooring and walls recall raw pumice, while stainless-steel shelving and neon signage lean futuristic. Soft, rounded seating adds warmth.

Metrodora Institute by Denton House and HGA

Residentially scaled furniture, gentle color palettes, views of and artwork featuring the surrounding mountains in West Valley City, Utah, plus a constellation of locally crafted pendant fixtures evoking flower petals are among the feminine touches at the center named after an ancient Greek woman physician, focusing on neuroimmune axis disorders.

Dacha Center by Makhno Studio

A sunny color scheme lends cheer to the long-term care facility in Kyiv, Ukraine, for children with cancer and their families. A plywood tree of life and hand-painted animals add whimsy, while, under a ceiling installation of wind-chimelike planks emblazoned with donor names, portraits of past residents as healthy adults instill hope.

Gogoland by Informal Design

Plywood veneer and exposed concrete structural beams maintain the industrial mood at a vacant factory in Huizhou, China, that’s been converted into a place for pets and owners. Amenities include cat- and dog-grooming rooms, kennels, an outdoor play area, and custom furniture with built-in leash holders and hollows for hide-and-seek.

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