May 24, 2020

Hush Favors a Tactile Experience for New Brooklyn Navy Yard HQ

Sheer red curtains punctuate an otherwise white, minimal office space inside Building 77 in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Photography by Naho Kubota.

Design agency Hush holds data-driven experiences at the core of its business, but for its new headquarters in Brooklyn Navy Yards, the agency eschewed all things digital in favor of a tactile experience. Designed by Inaba Williams and Kyle May, the 8,600-square-foot office space is a canvas of glass and concrete punctuated by sheer red curtains and a pink-hued oak dining table.

To enter, visitors walk through a 40-foot-long white-walled corridor, crowned with a geometric interplay of stainless-steel panels reflecting movement and light. “In a work environment where staff construct models, code, and communicate on digital platforms, we created an interior based on simple physical qualities: movement, material, and light,” says Jeffrey Inaba of Inaba Williams. “As the physical and digital worlds converge, there’s a greater appreciation for each in their own right. We found their stand-alone qualities have more value not less, even now as they get mixed together in many ways.”

The 8,600-square-foot office was once a windowless warehouse; today, it is a highly structured canvas of glass and concrete. Photography by Naho Kubota.
The entrance consists of a 40-foot-long, white-walled corridor crowned with a geometric interplay of mirrored panels. Photography by Naho Kubota.
The array of stainless-steel panels was designed to reflect movement and light as visitors walk through the space. Photography by Naho Kubota.
A 24-foot-long dining table was custom fabricated for the space; the meeting room tables feature the same, half bullnose edges to soften the feel of the work surface. Photography by Naho Kubota.
The table is made of smooth sanded pink oak, which consists of oak planks that have been treated with multiple layers of paint and stain. Photography by Naho Kubota.

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