May 1, 2020

Ichiro Iwasaki Designs TUBE Lighting System for Vibia

A close up of where a TUBE light connects to the conduit on the ceiling. Photography courtesy of Vibia. 

The importance of good lighting cannot be emphasized enough. From the way sun rays flood a room with natural light and warmth to the way colors and textures become more dynamic when light get reflected and refracted off them, finding the right lighting for any room is a key design decision. One room size does not always fit all when it comes to light fixture designs, though. Good thing, then, that a designer has a created a solution, backed up by a respected manufacturer, that allows for a variety of pendants – all stemming from the same light source – to be arranged into custom configurations. 

Examples of different TUBE pendant installations. Photography courtesy of Vibia. 

Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki has created an innovative LED lighting system: a network of tubes that bring the light from a specific single source to different shades that can be positioned as required. Interior designers and architects are able to generate different configurations with up to four modules from one canopy to suit each client’s space. TUBE‘s light is guided by the precise construction Vibia is known for so there is no compromise on form for fashion. 

TUBE pendant lighting two different areas from the same source. Photography courtesy of Vibia.

“The lighting system channels the light extending horizontally and vertically to different heights in a fluid fashion” says designer Iwasaki. TUBE offers a unique landscape of shades and light conduits, a grid that references the urban realm that combines aesthetics and optimum functionally. Pendant length varies by increments of eight inches with shade covers coming in four finishes. While TUBE is a self-referential name because of its design, “the lines and intersections generated [its design] recall the typical way that underground or subway maps are illustrated,” points out Iwasaki. 

TUBE personalized for a residential living area. Photography courtesy of Vibia.

The urban spirit of TUBE is underlined by the color options for the aluminum shades including three different tones of gray: light, medium, and graphite as well as off-white. Made in four different dimensions that can be combined if required, from 8 3/4 to 20 1/2 inch, matching the colors with one another, assembled at different heights and distances apart. The tube conduit is made of steel and completely configured at the factory, eliminating any need for alterations when being installed. 

A standard cluster of TUBE pendants in a kitchen. Photography courtesy of Vibia.

TUBE draws attention to the installation itself, making evident that which is normally hidden and incorporating the piece as if it is a compositional feature. But above all else, TUBE is capable of bringing the light to four separate points from a single switch. This development – pioneered by Vibia – will make future lighting projects easier to layout. 

A dining room with TUBE pendant installation. Photography courtesy of Vibia. 

The hanging option can be complemented with a ceiling version, or other combinations, adapted to the requirements of each and every architectural space in alternating point and ambient lighting. Moods can easily be created with the 0-10 dimming standard Vibia offers with TUBE. The possibilities are almost endless for this innovative and highly practical sleek design. 

A cluster of standard TUBE lights without pendants. Photography courtesy of Vibia.
A combination of TUBE pendant and and ceiling forms. Photography courtesy of Vibia. 

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