November 1, 2018

India Mahdavi Infuses Bisazza Collection With Dashes of Humor

Wow by Bisazza. 

With product names mimicking exclamations from graphic novels, the Mahdavi Collection by Bisazza has a frisky and playful side, albeit one paired with a grownup sensibility. The facility with which Paris-based architect-designer India Mahdavi mixes elements comes, perhaps, from her multicultural, cosmopolitan upbringing: She was born in Tehran of Anglo-Iranian parents and raised in the U.S., France, and Germany. The line is infused with a dash of humor: The tub is dubbed Plouf, the washbasin Splash, and the mirror Wow. Food-based colors—pistachio, strawberry, blueberry—are exuberant and Pop-y, trademarks of her fearless aesthetic. Executed in Venetian enamel mosaics, Pinstripe patterned wall tiles, with their regimented nod to traditional fabric, supply a counterpoint to the roundness of the individual pieces.

Wow by Bisazza.
Plouf by Bisazza.
Splash by Bisazza.
Pinstripe by Bisazza.

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