a small huddle room for collaboration in Boston Consulting Group

Inside Boston Consulting Group’s New York Locale

Seeking to expand its headquarters at 10 Hudson Yards in New York, Boston Consulting Group took over an additional floor, on 41. As the lowest in the sequence, IA Interior Architects conceived the space as a sort of root for the global strategic-management firm: a foundation that unifies all six levels. IA’s configuration of light fixtures changes as it branches from zone to zone, imparting visual rhythm. Where the ceiling curves, so does the lighting, taking on a more organic form as it flows into open office areas. Graphics in booths are inspired by data and nature, while a white-lacquered corridor wall hosts some creative tech: A series of rectangles animates in reaction to the movement of passersby tracked by a hidden camera. A biophilic pattern on the library ceiling evocative of dappled light through a tree canopy suggests the presence of live plants. The team also added a mother’s room and a prayer/ wellness room to the level above. Connecting the two floors’ communal areas is a glass-enclosed stair literally linking old and new. 

a wood conference table in Boston Consulting Group's New York locale
a small huddle room for collaboration in Boston Consulting Group
a woman works on a laptop in front of a colorful mural
a gray reception desk with led lighting above

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