July 24, 2020

Jané Winestore Designed by External Reference and Chu Uroz Reopens

At Jané Winestore, a retail and dining venue in Tarragona, Spain, External Reference and Chu Uroz formed laser-cut aluminum, glass, and yellow LEDs into facade and signage. Photography by Adrià Goula.

Since March, global essential businesses have been more, well, essential than ever. Food and beverage stores fell under that category, including Jané Winestore in Tarragona, Spain. The retail and restaurant establishment has been doing home delivery the past three months. But on June 5, the 7,500-square-foot space, designed by External Reference and Chu Uroz, reopened to in-store shopping and dining.

View from the mezzanine. Photography by Adrià Goula.

Welcoming visitors is a black-painted facade fronted by a dynamic curtain wall of sorts: the names of dozens of alcohol varieties in laser-cut aluminum, some nearly 10 feet tall, affixed to a metal substructure. Inside, the laser-cut metal changes to galvanized steel for wayfinding. But wood dominates the tasting area, KM 1187, named after the site’s location; MDF forms signage and pine the tables and stools, which are socially distanced for safely enjoying tapas con rioja

The tasting area’s Pilma stools and custom tables. Photography by Adrià Goula.
Flooring of resin-topped concrete. Photography by Adrià Goula.

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