February 12, 2018

Jean-Baptise Fastrez Vases Embody Inca Goddesses

Allpa; Pacha; Qucha.

When dreaming up his new series of vases for Moustache, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez looked to the goddesses of Inca mythology for creative spark. Each enameled ceramic vase is actually seven, with six receptacles surrounding a larger central vessel. Allpa, named for the goddess of fertility, has a collar of alternating bottle shapes and shallow bowls. It’s available in gray, sand, and terra cotta. The rounded diamonds and gourds of Pacha—in coral or sand—are a tribute to the earth goddess. And Qucha, named for the sea goddess Cocha, is personified as clusters of cups and hourglasses, in Reflex Blue or sand. Vases measure 15 3⁄4 inches tall and wide.


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