December 8, 2017

Jeffrey Beers Sets Sail at Norfolk’s Waterside District

Norfolk, Virgina may have been founded as a settlement in 1636, but the city has never looked more modern, in large part thanks to the new 135,000-square-foot Waterside District mixed-use development by Jeffrey Beers International. “My team and I found a great amount of design inspiration in the nautical history of Norfolk,” says founder and CEO Jeffrey G. Beers. Seaworthy details in yellow and navy wash over the 22,550-square-foot Blue Moon TapHouse, but the maritime theme really crests at the Harbor Club restaurant and bar, where thick ropes secure not just pendants but the hull of an actual sailboat, painted in a white-to-blue gradient.

One of ten venues in the Market, the Starr Hill Bar is anchored by a raw steel tower reminiscent of shipyards. Photography by Max Touhey.
Quartz tops the bar at the Blue Moon TapHouse, with custom-painted tile across the face and a hammered-brass column for the taps. Photography by Max Touhey.
In the Blue Moon Tavern, walls of wood and seeded glass create space for the banquettes. Photography by Max Touhey.
A mosaic is comprised of beer caps, while bottles form rings around a pendant. Photography by Max Touhey.
Blue pearl granite tops the Main Bar, while its tiles echo semaphore flags.  Photography by Max Touhey.
At the Side Bar, metal mesh covers the stone-topped bar.  Photography by Max Touhey.
Ropes define the Harbor Club’s host station, evoking shipping rigs.  Photography by Max Touhey.
Ropes reappear as pendants in the PBR bar. Photography by Max Touhey.

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