April 19, 2017

Jeremiah Goodman’s Interior Paintings Celebrated in Retrospective

Diana Vreeland’s Park Avenue sitting room, 2000. Image courtesy of the artist.

He’s not a designer… but Jeremiah Goodman is a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame. That’s because he was the magazine’s cover artist for 15 years start­ing in 1952, illustrating spaces with a dreamy yet detailed hand. Now the 94-year-old is having a retrospective: “Inspired Interiors,” May 9 to June 9 at Dessin Fournir Gallery in Los Angeles, will feature 55 of his gouaches, alongside a selection of 10 covers. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammerstein, Dining Room, Manhattan, 2006. Image courtesy of the artist.

Interior Design December 1967. 

Interior Design June 1964.

Interior Design June 1960.

Interior Design March 1961.

Photography by Thomas Dang Vu.

Bob Hope’s L.A. Home. Image courtesy of the artist.

Bruce Weber’s Living Room. Image courtesy of the artist.

Carolina Herrera’s sitting room, New York, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist.

Leonard Stanley’s Hollywood bedroom, 1976. Image courtesy of the artist.

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