May 7, 2018

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Brings Casual Luxury to Portland’s Hi-Lo Hotel

Lighting pendants and sconces share a spherical motif. Photography by Aaron Leitz.

If you can’t tell by its name, the Hi-Lo Hotel is just that—high yet low, luxe yet casual—and in the spirit of being many things at once, it’s also a hybrid space for socializing, conducting business, and just kicking back. So when Jessica Helgerson Interior Design was hired to fashion the Portland, Oregon, hotel’s lobby and bar, they had to do it with a bit of everything in mind.

How fortuitous, then, that the team’s vision was halfway realized before construction even began. “When we first visited the space it was basically gutted,” JHID epxlains on their website, “a beautifully dusty space with raw concrete columns and concrete floors bathed in soft natural light. We decided to preserve and celebrate this rough, chalky, unfinished shell (the low) while bringing in soft, sensual, elegant, playful furnishings (the high).” 

Low, curved sofas give guests the option of collecting in groups. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
The addition of a swinging settee was devised to add a playful element to the space. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
The coffee table and animal skin-style rug add earthy elements to the otherwise spare space. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
The minimalist concierge desk curves elegantly toward the textured wall behind it. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
A woven tapestry introduces a handmade element. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
Dual pink chairs offer a space for private conversations, while a long bar and rustic dining table encourage more spontaneous socialization. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
The room’s more organic elements are reinforced by this luminist-style painting. Photography by Aaron Leitz.
The Hi-Lo Hotel is located in a historic building, designed by architect David C. Lewis in 1910. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Photography by Aaron Leitz.

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