November 13, 2018

Juju Papers Chases Drama and Surprise in New Wallpaper Line

Maxi by Juju Papers.

From a cannabis landscape to an op-art maze, Avery Thatcher chases drama and surprise in High Dive. “Wallpaper is a great opportunity to bring risk into a space, as a counterbalance to architectural structure,” she says. The 12-SKU range comprises four patterns, all screen-printed by hand.

Maxi by Juju Papers.

Maxi reveals a dichotomy of painterly rings and lines pitted against negative space, the combination informed by “the unpredictability of dripping paint strokes, or a verdant plant,” Thatcher notes. Clay-coated residential-grade paper manufactured from sustainably harvested pulp and printed with water-based inks is standard, but custom substrates are also available: Mylar, Terralon, and residential- and commercial-grade vinyl.

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