April 10, 2019

Kohler WasteLAB’s Crackle Line with Ann Sacks Breaks the Mold

Crackle by Ann Sacks. Photography courtesy of Ann Sacks.

Kohler WasteLAB, the company’s 6-year-old sustainability initiative, recycles unfired pottery cull and other production cast-offs to create new tiles, tabletops, and buttons. Its surfacing subsidiary Ann Sacks shares the spoils in Crackle, a line spearheaded by product manager Theresa Millard. After extensive research, Millard pitched the concept to Kohler leadership and the two brands formed a team to develop the multi-step process, which includes the use of interactive glazes that pool and break over the surface during firing. “We came up with a recycled-tile clay body that translates into beautiful, ecologically thoughtful tile,” she says. Choose from five sizes in multiple shapes and six saturated colors, such as Amber and Emerald.

Crackle is recycled from unfired pottery cull and other production cast-offs. Photography courtesy of Ann Sacks.

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