June 21, 2021

Kripper Studio Designs an Eco-Conscious Massachusetts Dispensary

A vegetated wall installation mimics the canopy of a forest. Photography by John Horner. 

For the Cultivate cannabis dispensary in Framingham, Massachusetts, architect Amir Kripper aimed to create an environment that evokes the feeling of being immersed in nature. An adaptive reuse project, the 1,970-square-foot space had long been left empty. Project lead and founding principal of his namesake studio, Kripper shares: “I’ve always been interested in how architecture can contribute to the user experience and support the brand messaging.” In this case, a statement-making green wall displaying the Cultivate logo centers the aesthetic of the space opposite shelving units constructed specifically to support live potted plants.

In line with the store’s nature-focused design, the team also sourced local and sustainable materials whenever possible. The custom wood display cases and counters, as well as the interior walls, are made from a maple species native to New England—a decision made to reduce fossil fuels emitted during longer transport and to support the local economy. The maple plywood also adds an element of warmth in the otherwise industrial space and offers acoustic absorption, which makes discussions with sales associates all the more intimate, Kripper adds. The spacious and easy-to-navigate retail locale invites customers to step inside a green oasis, which invites a sense of calm much like the products on display.  

The building’s exterior signals at the greenery within. Photography by John Horner. 
Potted plants punctuate the back wall of Cultivate. Photography by John Horner. 
Digital screens and display cases enable shoppers to clearly see product. Photography by John Horner
Shoppers can consult with staff in a corner lounge area. Photography by John Horner

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