January 27, 2021

Lasvit by OV Architekti: 2020 Best of Year Winner for International Facade

Photography by BoysPlayNice/courtesy of OV-A.

Novy? Bor, Czech Republic, the picturesque town in which Lasvit is headquartered, has been a glassblowing hub for many centuries. OV Architekti founders Jiri Opocenský and Štepán Valouch, collaborating with architect/critic Adam Gebrian, drew on that legacy in proposing a new scheme for the luxury brand’s home base, a small complex of buildings that includes a pair of carefully restored 18th-century cottages. Like the objects the company produces, the compound is a mash-up of old-world and new: Those historic edifices are now joined by two dazzlingly modern structures—one sheathed in glass shingles, the other in sleek black cement facsimiles. The glass cladding was developed by Lasvit to mimic the diamond shape, texture, and arrangement of traditional slate siding. The facade is not only a glass-art installation in its own right but also, glowing from within, a veritable beacon of Lasvit’s global vision.

Photography by BoysPlayNice/courtesy of OV-A.

Project Team: Jiri Opocenský; Štèpán Valouch; Maxim Velcovský; Adam Gebrian.

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