November 27, 2019

Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab Creates an Optical Illusion Installation at a South Korea University

An installation at a South Korea university by Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab was seemingly endless. 10 designers, fabricators, and graduate students assembled the installation. 216 boxes and eight prefabricated modules make up the 10-foot-tall structure.

“It reminded viewers of design’s ability to transcend physical limitations, blurring the boundary between actual and fictitious realms,” Lawrence Kim remarks. 

Image courtesy of Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab.

An isometric drawing created in SketchUp, Illustrator, and Photo­shop software depicts Formal Abstraction and Reflective Luminance, a temporary installation by Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab at South Korea’s Pusan National University, where architect Lawrence Kim is an as­sociate professor of architecture and urban design.

Photography courtesy of Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab.

Off-site at A+U Lab’s studio, fabricators assemble 7-foot-square modules consisting of boxes made from CNC-cut polystyrene boards, ad­hered with PVC glue in varying configurations, some lined with mirrored film.

Photography courtesy of Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab.

The lined boxes are fitted with LED strips that converge into a concealed single-line wire, which connects to a standard power outlet.

Photography courtesy of Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab.

On-site, fabricators suspend the com­pleted modules from the ceiling with nylon and polyethylene wires normally used for carp fishing. 

Photography courtesy of Lawrence Kim/A+U Lab.

Located in the university’s architecture and engineering building, which hosted A+U Lab’s similarly repetition-themed Woolscape last year, Formal Abstraction and Reflective Luminance featured 14-inch boxes, some of which are open and empty and others that create the illusion of infinity.

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