March 7, 2020

Leandro Garcia Designs a Sociable Family Apartment on the Coast of Brazil

What makes an apartment a true getaway? For Leandro Garcia’s flat in Matinhos, just off the Paraná State coast in Brazil, the answer was embracing space. “We decided to integrate and expand the social areas,” of the 1,700-square-foot home, says Garcia, creating an emphasis on those areas the family shares.

José Zanine Caldas chairs pull up to the custom Michelango Nuvolato dining table, beneath Ana Neute’s ceiling lamps. Photography by Fran Parente

 The team replaced entrance hall walls with an elegant bookcase featuring voids so light can penetrate between private rooms and laundry areas on one side and the living area on the other. The kitchen is signified only by a counter, to make room for socializing. The palette, largely white, is warmed by materials that remind one of the home’s location: Brazilian hardwoods including freijó and jequitibá, and furniture by local legends including Bernardo Figueiredo, Nicole Toldi, and Ana Penso.

A Michelangelo Nuvolato marble backsplash defines the open kitchen. Photography by Fran Parente.

“We wanted to be able to accommodate the whole family during their holidays,” says Garcia, “and at moments of celebration, leisure, and rest.” A pack of Girafa stools by Brazilian icon Lina Bo Bardi with Marcelo Ferraz and Marcelo Suzuki welcomes them, whatever the occasion.

The living area features a chair by José Zanine Caldas and a solid jequitibá coffee table by Pedro Petry. Photography by Fran Parente.
A vintage nightstand warms up the white-on-white master bedroom. Photography by Fran Parente.
A freijó bookcase separates the entryway from the living area. Photography by Fran Parente.
Michelango Nuvolato also forms the basin for the bathroom sink. Photography by Fran Parente.

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