May 31, 2021

Lenz Architects Designs a Futuristic Co-Working Space in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In central Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis and cultural hub, Damir Ussenov and his team at Lenz Architects created a futuristic co-working space for an IT company that combines bold colors and solid concrete with pure minimalism and curved shapes. Blue, being the color of the company’s logo, and orange, “chosen to dilute cold tones and concrete with a warm shade,” per Ussenov, create an energizing balance of hues throughout the office in both upholstery and dividing screens. A variety of lighting installations and acoustic panels overhead enable productivity while soundproof meeting rooms assure confidentiality. Open around the clock, the industrial, nearly futuristic, aesthetic perfectly suits those at the fore of technological innovation. 

Concrete slabs serve as both a focal point and space divider. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.
Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the space with natural light. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.
The workstations feature screen dividers, enabling employees to focus and safely distance themselves from others. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.
Orange booths oppose a meeting room with blue flooring and tinted glass, creating a dynamic color story in a transitional space. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.
Circular lighting and sound-absorbing panels line the ceiling above an informal conversational zone. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.
Given the open floor plan and flexible work stations, the office also features a discreet wall of lockers for employees. Photography courtesy of Lenz Architects.

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