October 17, 2018

Lera Brumina Infuses an Apartment in Minsk, Belarus, With a Distinctive Color Palette

The living area is open to the kitchen. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 

Working with color can get tricky—too much can be overwhelming and too little is simply uninspiring. For an apartment in Belarus, Ukrainian designer Lera Brumina got the balance just right. In the living area, a royal blue chair mixes with mauve drapes, while a crimson-topped table unites the kitchen. Blue reappears in the child’s room, this time in dialogue with yellow. The hues, which Brumina calls a “cacophony,” are countered by a neutral floor, plenty of wooden accents, and more subdued pieces. Deciding on a palette wasn’t the only challenge: Brumina also contended with limited natural light. In the bedroom, where there was only one small window, she responded by inserting a wall of mirrors.

The kitchen table is custom. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 
The office’s chair is by Afteroom. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 
A mirrored wall reflects a print developed for the apartment. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 
A ladder leads to a lofted bed. Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 
Photography by Darius Petrulaitis. 

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