March 27, 2014

Let’s Get Physical: Four International Sports Venues

Four international sports venues attain peak condition:

1. 4A Architekten
Project: F3 Familien und Freizeitbad
Location: Fellbach, Germany.
Standout: The ceiling’s pine acoustical panels are painted in the same palette as the glass mosaic tile around the lap pool.

2. Mateo Arquitectura
Project: Center for Contemporary Culture of Castelo
Location: Branco, Portugal.
Standout: A zinc-clad cantilevered volume, containing a gallery, also serves to partially shelter a year-round ice rink.

3. Smith Vigeant Architectes
Project: Allez Up
Location: Montreal
Standout: Polyurethane climbing holds in endless shapes and colors pepper the resin-coated plywood walls, rising 50 feet.

4. Studio Gang Architects
Project: WMS Boathouse at Clark Park
Location: Chicago
Standout: Rowing in the 50-foot-long concrete simulation tank, athletes can look out aluminum-framed windows at the real river.

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