August 5, 2021

Lialawlab Designs a Futuristic Skincare Center in Hangzhou, China

Arches utilized in the overall space have four different forms and scales, and are all cut out from tangent circles. Photography by Feng Shao. 

For FORMORAL, a skincare brand grounded in medical science, Lia Xing and Haifeng Luo of Lialawlab created an otherworldly flagship locale in Hangzhou, China, punctuated by arched forms and monochromatic surfaces. In creating the store, which is situated inside a mall, the designers looked to the brand’s tech-forward products to conceive of a series of spatial scenes that invite sensory exploration, including a central egg-shaped pod. To add intrigue while working within the existing building constraints, the team constructed interactive design elements throughout the 1,291-square-foot space, optimizing the store’s functionality with private areas for skincare consultations. “If the human body is regarded as a moving architecture, skin is the exterior that covers the skeleton, composing a ‘curtain wall structure’ with cells as unit components,” the designers share, noting that the architecture of a given building functions in much the same way. 

Gray textural paint coats the interior surfaces, making for an austere environment meant to evoke a primitive “desert planet.” Photography by Feng Shao. 
Angular geometries add intrigue to the space. Photography by Feng Shao. 
The design team organized the layout and circulation paths based on spatial strategies and interactive elements to meld function and privacy requirements. Photography by Feng Shao. 
To trigger exploration, the designers carved out a narrow tunnel with reflective surfaces for visitors to further engage with the space. Photography by Feng Shao.
Above the reception desk is an arced opening which extends the reception to the public realm, achieving a balance between functionality and form. Photography by Feng Shao. 
The space reflects the team’s vision of an austere “desert planet.” Photography by Feng Shao. 

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