March 24, 2021

Library Aesthetics Inform the Design of a Houston Office by PDR

A mosaic of the company logo greets guests as they enter the reception area. Photography by Joe Aker. 

Within the six miles of the pedestrian tunnels that connect Houston’s sprawling downtown area, the Hines Texas Tower, reaching 47-stories into the sky, boasts surrounding views of the historic Esperson Buildings. The urban scenery is a perfect backdrop for global real estate brokerage company Savills to spark inspiration with its many clients. Designed to function as a resource library as well as a workspace, local design firm PDR aimed to improve the social and tactical experiences of Savills’ employees in envisioning the space. 

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors can be folded into the wall to create more space. Photography by Joe Aker. 

Inviting business partners and the surrounding community to utilize the space as a housing resource, wooden floors and panelling add warmth, emphasized by the glow of brass lighting fixtures and abundance of natural light. Shelves of colorful re-bound antique books appear in different zones throughout, reinforcing the notion of libraries as hubs of community and knowledge. Additionally, a centrally located “Buzz Zone,” provides a space for employees to chat casually over coffee or more formally in a technologically-integrated meeting room. 

Views of iconic Houston landmarks remain unobstructed throughout the office. Photography by Joe Aker. 

Paying homage to the 160-year history of the company, the PDR team selected furnishings that reference notable 20th century designs. With expansive views and cozy communal areas, the new office solidifies its position as a favored destination for Savills employees, clients, and Houston locals alike. 

A custom millwork design, made from natural cut woods, marks the end of the “Buzz Zone” bar. Photography by Joe Aker. 
Acoustic panelling optimizes volume control. Photography by Joe Aker. 
The transitional archways add another shapely dimension to the loft-style office. Photography by Joe Aker. 
An open meeting area features a variety of seating options. Photography by Joe Aker. 

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