January 1, 2020

Loop Inn by Martin Lejarraga Architecture Office: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Budget

Blend in but also disrupt. Cater to tourists yet also serve locals. Those were the primary directives given Martin Lejarraga Architecture Office for the design of Loop Inn, a six-level, 47-room hostel on a corner site in the historic center of Cartagena, Spain. 

Beginning with the building’s exterior, Martin Lejarraga was careful to respect his hometowns neutral, timeworn palette by incorporating traditional materials. He collaborated with local painter Ángel Charris to create four applied-plaster patterns—subtle stylizations of the sea, sun, wind, and city walls—that run in story-height bands around the 18,300-square-foot structure. Paired with ceramic latticework screens that evoke Moorish Spain, the plasterwork swaths pay homage to classic Iberian decorative traditions while modernizing their aesthetics and application.

Visitors are greeted in the lobby by an orange slide that leads to the game room. “It’s one of the public-space connectors,” Lejarraga says. Flooring in reception is ceramic tile but the ceiling and walls arcovered in toile de Jouy fabric. It’s bold to introduce a pastoral note, yet the 18th-century classic looks right at home in th21st-century setting. And it was all done fo$52 per square foot.

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Protruding balconies and windows are screened with ceramic latticework. Photography by David Frutos.
In reception, ceramic floor tiles are juxtaposed with toile de Jouy–covered ceiling and walls. Photography by David Frutos.
The game room, which can be reached by slide, has Santiago Castaño sofas, Jon Gasca tables, and vinyl flooring. Photography by David Frutos.

Project Team: José Botí; Blanca Gutiérrez; José María Mateo; Óscar Romero.

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