February 8, 2018

Louise Liljencrantz’s Debut Furniture Line Finds Harmony in Contrast

Swedish interior designer Louise Liljencrantz has launched her debut furniture series with Seed 0117, handcrafted by K.F.K. Master Cabinet-Makers and marketed through British outfit the Invisible Collection. The line comprises eight dining and side tables plus a minimalist bench. Standouts include a nubby half-globe of hand-gouged solid mahogany, finished with a fragrant linseed oil and set onto rounded legs to create a sculptural coffee table that measures 39 1/3 inches across and nearly a foot tall. A smaller trophylike variation in walnut (finished with a pigmented, oil-based wax) sports a faceted base. There’s also a Memphis-inspired console, side tables with angular tops, and a 59-inch-long walnut bench, accented with forged black steel and Nubuck leather.

SKS01 and SFS01.

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