April 25, 2020

LSM Brings Art to Work at Tegna’s Virginia Office

Photography by Christopher Grimes Gallery.

The media company Tegna is in the business of broadcasting news and entertainment from its 64 TV and radio stations around the country. But its new 65,000-square-foot headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, by LSM makes an announcement of its own: Large-scale artwork has transformative power.

“I created Dusk and Dawn for an environment of coexistence and communication,” states Brazilian artist Lucia Koch, with whom founding partner Debra Lehman-Smith worked on the project, along with art consultancy Lisa Austin & Associates. Her two-part installation flanks the office’s atrium. On one side is a 30-foot-tall lightbox that’s backlit by gradating LEDs and visible from outside the glassy Gensler-designed building. On the other side of the atrium are similarly colored polyester curtains, which can enclose a pair of stacked conference rooms. Furnishings in the immediate vicinity “took a quieter stance,” Lehman-Smith explains. But “when you’re in those rooms,” she adds, “it’s like a womb of color.”

Photography by Christopher Grimes Gallery.
“The pieces add spirit and life to the project,” says Lehman Smith. Photography by Christopher Grimes Gallery.
Photography by Christopher Grimes Gallery.
Photography by Christopher Grimes Gallery.

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