December 20, 2019

Lumière Bricoleur Curates a Copenhagen Penthouse that Celebrates Danish Design

Børge Mogensen‘s iconic Hunting Chair brushes shoulders with a sculptural lamp by Pettersen & Hein. Photography by Jenny Sundby.

The Danish design duo behind Lumière Bricoleur has curated an airy Copenhagen penthouse where the country’s furniture icons brush shoulders with emerging designer pieces. Featuring the likes of Børge Morgensen’s Hunting Chair and Hans Wegner’s Y-Chair—alongside whimsical pieces such as Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven’s off-round Hue mirror—the 2,000-square-foot interior resembles a live-in art installation that is both functional and comfortable.

“Our primary challenge was to create a balance between high aesthetics and the comfort which makes you feel at home,” says Lumière Bricoleur co-founder Nikoline Henningsen, who juxtaposed tactile materials like ceramics and wood with a more polished aesthetic. “The end result is a dreamy oasis, where substance, sustainability, and considered compositions set the stage.”

A wooden stool by Sema Topaloglu is paired with a carpet by Pose Pose and contemporary art paintings by Morten Rockford Ravn. Photography by Jenny Sundby.
Lumière Bricoleur juxtaposed timber furniture with more polished pieces to create a balanced aesthetic. Photography by Jenny Sundby.
Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven’s off-round Hue mirror both complements and contrasts with Hans Wegner’s iconic Y-Chair. Photography by Jenny Sundby.
The apartment is curated to create a feeling of living inside an art installation, while maintaining a feeling of deep comfort and functionality. Photography by Jenny Sundby.
The apartment’s white walls act as the perfect canvas for sculptures, painting, lighting and furniture. Photography by Jenny Sundby.

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