January 26, 2021

M Moser Associates Reimagines a San Francisco Tech Office

The dining area of the Okta office features white tables and chairs and polished concrete floors
Seating options include booths, insular pods, loungers, and communal tables. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

Shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT service management company Okta partnered with design firm M Moser Associates to create an innovative office for its many remote workers—then, a novel concept. Rather than focus on permanent fixtures, such as demarcated employee workstations, M Moser Associates envisioned the space as an open and fluid hub for collaboration with parred down aesthetics and a variety of seating to encourage movement throughout the day.

Located on a single floor of an urban high-rise and featuring four designated work zones, Okta’s San Francisco headquarters enables employees to work as they choose, from communal tables for group discussions to reconfigurable, semi-enclosed lounge areas for heads-down tasks. Teams often designate a “home base” area to convene at the beginning and end of the day, taking full advantage of the variety of in-person work options. To ensure the days spent in the office are well worth the trek, M Moser Associates collaborated with Okta to prioritize employee connectivity and wellbeing, with no frills attached.

Inside the Okta Office by M Moser Associates

At Okta, two employees talk on a light pink couch in a common areas with floor-to-ceiling windows
Seating options, including high-backed chairs that provide areas of refuge, define the curves and pathway of the office. Photography by Emily Hagopian. 
A man in a peach t-shirt walks through workstations at the Okta office
Ample lighting and large windows allow for plenty of natural light. Photography by Emily Hagopian. 
A woman works on a laptop on booth with pink and white cushins and a wooden table
Large metal poles and columns are covered in an insulated finish, adding soft textures to the space. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Employees talk in a common area with acoustic panels and plenty of natural light at Okta
A series of hanging lights are nestled between suspended acoustic panels. Photography by Emily Hagopian.
Employees work at their laptops at a bar counter made from light natural wood
Industrial elements accent the neutral palette in the open and airy environment. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

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