November 13, 2020

M.R. Studio Channels a Balanced Lifestyle into the Green Experience Pavilion in Foshan, China

The geometric exterior cues the multiple curves that define the space. Photography courtesy of M.R. Studio. 

When creating a retail space and wine bar for the Green Experience Pavilion, serving clients dedicated to holistic health and wellness products, M.R. Studio founder and principal Myron Kwan considered how design can bring mental tranquility to customers. Its location in the biophilic metropolis of Foshan, a city in southeastern China, inspired Kwan to use materials and shapes found in nature. Guided by the vaulted arches and curved geometry established in the building’s facade, Kwan creates an indulgent experience with refined elements.

Kwan and his clients worked together to source furniture and specialty paints from local producers and vendors. Photography courtesy of M.R. Studio.

Tearing down walls to cultivate a space that encourages social interactions, Kwan arranged the neutral and minimalist furniture to establish different zones, maintaining the site-line throughout. Oak wood in the entryway greets customers with a soothing tone, while marble stones enrich the overall texture profiles. Natural sunlight streaming in from the architectural floor-to-ceiling windows highlights the fine lines, details, and furnishes of the interior.

Soft curved lines meet the eye at every level. Photography courtesy of M.R. Studio. 

Distinguishing itself from other healthcare product shops, Kwan’s design is reminiscent of a living room. “The focal point here is to allow guests to spend quality time with friends and indulge a taste of fine wine,” he explains, noting another stand-out difference is displaying red wine bottles in balance with specially formulated enzyme beverages in the arch-shaped oak feature wall.  Both physically and figuratively, the Green Experience Pavilion innovates the notion of balance.

Using different woods adds depth to the neutral palette. Photography courtesy of M.R. Studio.
The narrow space challenged Kwan to think outside the box for how best to display products. Photography courtesy of M.R. Studio. 

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