January 25, 2020

Mason Studio Designs Minimalist Shanghai Interiors That Break from Tradition

The ground floor property is conceived as a space for a young family. There is a Western-style open floor plan, with the living room located on the ground level. Photography by Seth Powers.

Led by partners Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey, Toronto-based Mason Studio has recently completed the interiors of the Jing’an Prime Land Townhomes, two residential three-story townhouses in Shanghai. The two units (2,303 square feet and 1,937 square feet, respectively) are stacked atop each other and designed to enable multi-generational living.

Warm natural materials like light oak and marble feature prominently and light is woven throughout the home.  Photography by Seth Powers.

The two homes feature Western-style, open-plan layouts and a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired look. The natural material palette features wood and marble paired with neutral colors, a mix of textures, and soft lighting—a minimalist design intended to be a departure from the ostentatious interiors that tend to be more common throughout the region.

Built-in storage and a desk maximize space in the second bedroom. Photography by Seth Powers.

Custom-designed furniture and artwork were commissioned by the firm and executed by local makers to furnish the interiors. “We were very hands on with collaborators and tradespeople, which enabled us to achieve an exquisite level of quality and detail throughout,” explains Rumsey.

Extravagances, such as a bespoke wine cellar, further customize the space. Photography by Seth Powers.
An indoor Zen garden is set just off the dining area. Photography by Seth Powers.
The upper level unit is designed for a “mature family.” The living and dining areas are given a rich and distinctive, high-contrast palette. Photography by Seth Powers.
The kitchen features custom cabinetry designed by Mason Studio. Photography by Seth Powers.
Open-grain oak wood panels and natural marble slabs are used on the wall and floor surfaces. Photography by Seth Powers.
Artwork was custom made by local artists based on Mason Studio’s specifications. Photography by Seth Powers.
The color palette and textural variations reflect the vibrancy of the homeowner’s lifestyle. Photography by Seth Powers.

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