May 28, 2020

Materials and Lighting Set the Stage for DesignAgency’s Reimagined Air Canada Signature Club

The Air Canada Signature Club is an 8,800-square-foot private member’s club tucked behind arena seating at downtown Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. Photography by Brandon Barré.

Tucked behind the arena seating section in downtown Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the Air Canada Signature Club is an 8,800-square-foot private member’s club that was recently reimagined by DesignAgency. The firm sought to create a hospitality experience catering to social and private entertaining needs within an expansive space that features elongated proportions and varying ceiling heights. The design team let luxe materials and soft ambient lighting serve as the backdrop for the elegant, welcoming environment which is defined by a variety of warm wood surfaces, pink marble, and shiny brass touches. A new central lounge with a curvilinear leather-paneled bar now takes center stage and serves as the perfect spot to warm up with a drink before the big event.

DesignAgency concentrated on creating a range of hospitality experiences to cater to both social and private entertaining needs. Photography by Brandon Barré.

Tufted-leather banquette booths in oxblood are backed by fluted glass screens—creating the perfect spot for cozier conversations. Photography by Brandon Barré.
A new central lounge features a curvilinear leather-paneled bar ringed by navy leather bar stools. Photography by Brandon Barré.
A marble and brushed-brass bar helps the room transition from a lounge to a more formal dining area. Photography by Brandon Barré.
Italian oak parquet wood floors and the wood-paneled, backlit bar provide a warm, modern-heritage ambiance. Photography by Brandon Barré.
A series of wood-paneled private dining rooms, each with domestic proportions and custom lighting, lets guests entertain in privacy. Photography by Brandon Barré.
A walk-through wine cellar with hidden decanting drawers doubles as a second exit allowing guests to access their seats on the arena floor. Photography by Brandon Barré.
Each private dining room has its own individualized feel. Photography by Brandon Barré.

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