August 1, 2019

Mathematical Concepts Come To Life In Durkan’s New Flooring Collection

In Durkan’s Transpositions PDI carpet tile collection, blue and gray hues create a soothing, yet energizing look. Photography courtesy of Durkan. 

Geometric shapes form the foundation for many patterns and combinations in the design world, but that’s not where the use of mathematical concepts ends. Complex equations permeate nearly all aspects of the design process, from product renderings to installations. Flooring – especially tile – simply cannot work in a space without precise measurements. But what happens when the field of mathematics also serves as a creative muse?

In mathematics, the concept of transpositions describes a set of elements with interchangeable components – when the order of two elements shifts, the outcome stays the same. Imagine rearranging a closet: the placement of clothing may change, but the number of items in the space does not. Durkan, a subsidiary of Mohawk Group and leading provider of hospitality flooring, draws from this concept in its new Precision Dye Injection (PDI) carpet tile by the same name: Transpositions

Durkan’s collection also incorporates fractals – patterns reminiscent of those found in nature – to help contribute to a calming effect in hospitality spaces. Photography courtesy of Durkan. 

“We often think of design as a left-brain field, but when we talk about flooring there’s a really strong mathematical side to that,” says Elizabeth Bonner, creative design director for Durkan. “In this collection, there’s an infinite number of ways designers can reconfigure what’s offered since all the materials work together.” Aesthetics aside, designers also will take comfort in knowing the development and manufacturing process behind Durkan’s new PDI carpet tile program simplifies the ordering process, quickens delivery, and lowers upfront costs. It’s also highly durable, which reduces maintenance fees. 

The collection features 12 designs and color palettes, including neutrals accented by pops of bold oranges and cool blues. The expansive range of colors marks a stark shift from other print carpet tiles on the market, which tend to come in a more limited palette. Durkan’s proprietary Synthesis broadloom technology enables the company to create vivid, high-resolution patterns with color that seeps into the base of each tufted nylon tile, rather than merely permeating the surface. The outcome creates an unprecedented 3D image. “PDI gives us the ability to compete with the graphic edge, especially as the world becomes more digital,” says Bonner.  

Transpositions enables designers to create bold, statement flooring. Photography courtesy of Durkan. 

Durkan’s collection, which is durable enough to withstand high-traffic areas, enables designers to play with pattern and color as they shift and swap pieces, creating a distinct look in each space. The tiles also are designed to reduce sound and provide optimal comfort under foot; each piece includes cushioned EcoFlex NXT AIR backing. 

As part of Durkan’s PDI tile program, Transpositions comes in 12” x 36” plank and 24” x 24” tile formats and is made in the U.S., which shortens the lead time for specification. Running line PDI tile bases, including Shaka (20-ounce) and Beach Breaker (36-ounce), are available within five-weeks with a 133 square-yard minimum order. Custom bases, which crossover from any of Durkan’s current broadloom Synthesis bases such as Ripple, Stria, and Downstream are available within 10 weeks with a 1,500 square-yard minimum order.  

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