November 1, 2018

Mats Inc. Elevates the Sustainable Flooring Market with wineo PURline®

Mats Inc.’s wineo PURline® Floating Wood pattern in Snow color way. Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

Some in government may be slow to see the writing on the climate-change wall, but the design industry has certainly heard the call to do better for our planet. Manufacturers in particular have galvanized the green-design movement in recent years with a plethora of boundary-pushing, environmentally-friendly products that designers can use to create healthy spaces. Flooring is one segment that is beginning to see these types of innovations, and now one heavy-weight company has jumped into the ring with something completely new for the commercial, healthcare, and education markets.

PURline in Polar Pine and Terracotta Dark adds a sleek look to this corporate building. Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

With Cradle to Cradle Silver and GreenGuard Gold certifications, Mats Inc.’s wineo PURline® features the latest cutting-edge advances in resilient flooring, leading to the creation of an entirely new category in the ISO and ASTM resilient floor covering specification standards. Made from rapaseed and castor oil, the sheet flooring, tiles, and planks are made with bio-polyurethane. PURline® also features FSC-certified decor paper. Together, these elements combine to create a flooring product that is extremely durable — more than five times the durability of vinyl — low VOC, and nonporous. With PURline®, everything from surgical suites to waiting rooms to corridors can now be both beautiful and healthful.

PURline in Golden Pine color way accentuates the industrial chic vibe of this restaurant. Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

“Hospitals and other larger healthcare end users have really been beating the sustainability drum and the message has been pretty clear: ‘The flooring industry needs to be doing things differently,’” says JoAnn Durette, vice president of marketing at Mats Inc. “We need to start looking at sustainability holistically, because what negatively affects the health of the natural world inevitably affects our health, too.”

PURline in Village Oak Brown may feel rustic but its technical advancements are cutting edge. Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

Although its environmental chops are certainly worth boasting about, aesthetically PURline® is a strong product, too. The line features 77 color options in simple patterns and a matte finish, which underscores its human-centered design inspiration. Unusual plank and tile sizes — including 4” x 24”, 8” x 48”, 10” x 59” and 20” x 39” — are designed to inspire the creation of varied and original installations. 

“We are extremely excited to deliver the most durable and hygienic flooring product to the industry,” says Rich Ruhlin, CMO at Mats Inc. “Not only is wineo PURline® beautiful, but most importantly, it’s truly sustainable, too.”

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