April 22, 2021

Maya Sheinberger Designs a Minimalist and Modern Family Apartment in Tel Aviv

The family’s two dogs model in the transitional space between the kitchen, dining, and living area. Photography by Itay Benit.

In a residential neighborhood just north of Tel Aviv, Maya Sheinberger, of her eponymous interior design firm, transformed a traditional apartment into a modern home for a couple who became a family of three during the process. Describing her style as “design-forward without being uptight,” Sheinberger shares that she wanted the space to feel effortless and cohesive without overly fancy finishes. Working with a palette of neutral tones—mainly black, white, and tan to complement wood accents—Sheinberger collaborated with the wife, a graphic designer, to implement small moments of color, enlivening the space.

Gray and tan accents ground the living room in a timeless style. Photography by Itay Benit.

Along the living room wall, measuring in at five-and-a-half meters long, Sheinberger installed an asymmetric shelving system with enough space between shelves to enable the couple to display more than just books. “I wanted it to be a way for them to capture their lives without controlling the space,” Sheinberger says. Black track lighting above, to spotlight their beloved tchotchkes, is matched in the kitchen, defining the two distinct zones of the open area.

The shelves frame the television without making it the focal point, displaying small treasures. Photography by Itay Benit.

The design motif of black metal framing continues in the bathrooms, where Sheinberger created a column design using horizontal subways tiles and opaque glass doors to make the space feel bigger. “I love to use different combinations of the same materials,” Sheinberger explains, noting that though many materials overlap in the kitchen and bathroom, they create two distinctly different atmospheres in the home.

Due to the climate and light in Tel Aviv, white walls are a popular functional choice. Photography by Itay Benit.
The bathroom off the main bedroom is designed with hospitality sensibilities. Photography by Itay Benit.
Luckily for Sheinberger and her graphic designer-client, green is both their favorite color.  Photography by Itay Benit.
His and hers Hay chairs with different legs in the shared home office. Photography by Itay Benit.

Sourced in the middle of the project, the wooden crib ties in to the rest of the apartment’s aesthetic. Photography by Itay Benit.

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