November 24, 2020

Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design Creates an Italian Café in Montreal Inspired by the ’90s

Caffettiera Caffé Bar brings a taste of Italy to Montreal. Photography by David Dworkind.

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal and designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design, Caffettiera Caffé Bar—a coffee destination rooted in Italian culture—features a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with decorative elements inspired by the 1990s. 

“We were greatly inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’s kids toys,” says David Dworkind, partner at the firm. “The color palette and the geometry influenced the Formica patterns and tones that we decided to use for the tables and standup bar.” 

Some of the design elements that make this 745-square-foot space visually surprising and unique include the black monolithic terrazzo bar, checkerboard mosaic floor, vintage chairs and books, curved mirrors, and walls covered in faux-wood plastic laminate. Signs on the orange steel beam above the bar indicate where to pay and order while pendant lights by Lambert & Fils, created with yellow telephone wire, illuminate the space. 

A sign directing customers hangs from a beam above. Photography by David Dworkind.

The coffee counter inside the Caffettiera Caffé Bar. Photography by David Dworkind.
Pendant lights by Lambert & Fils add yet another layer of quirky design elements. Photography by David Dworkind.

The checkered floor grounds the furnishings, which snake throughout the space. Photography by David Dworkind.
Bright colors and playful details throughout pay homage to 90s nostalgia. Photography by David Dworkind.

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