March 31, 2021

Esrawe Studio and Superflex Collaborate on a Colorful Façade

Color and meaning, design and art—all are on display outside a Miami showroom by Mexico’s Esrawe Studio and Denmark’s Superflex. Fifteen architects, artists, and designers led by Héctor Esrawe assembled the facade of 30,000 ceramic tiles in 12 matte glazes.

The Making of Arca Wynwood Design Center

Sketches of two tile shapes for the Arca Wynwood Design Center
For Arca Wynwood Design Center, an architectural materials showroom and arts center by Esrawe Studio that’s blocks from Miami’s Design District, Héctor Esrawe’s pen-and-paper sketches reveal the two tile shapes—one convex, one concave—he devised to clad two of the building’s elevations. Image courtesy of Héctor Esrawe.
A watercolor of the Arca Wynwood Design Center facade
He collaborated on the facades with the art collective Superflex, which made a watercolor to demonstrate the alternating pattern of the tile shapes. Image courtesy of Superflex.
A hand holds Mexican pesos against colored squares of tile to match the palette
Superflex then developed a tile palette based on the denominations of pesos from Mexico, where parent company Grupo Arca is based. Photography by Superflex. 
A watercolor of the different colors found on Mexican pesos
That was followed by another watercolor proposing a striped color sequence. Photography by Superflex. 
A rainbow of color sticks in a circle for the Arca Wynwood Design Center
During the same phase, a final sequence of precise, numbered hues was decided upon. Photography by Superflex. 
The facade tiles for the Arca Wynwood Design Center feature a matte glaze
A matte glaze in the colors was applied to prototypes of the facade tiles. Photography by Superflex. 
Tiles aligned in various widths and colors for the Arca Wynwood Design Center
The tiles are subsequently aligned in varying widths based on the Fibonacci sequence. Photography by Arca Wynwood.
The facade of the Arca Wynwood Design Center at night
The north and south elevations encompass 6,339 square feet of tile. Photography by César Béjar.
A detailed look at the tile patterns for the Arca Wynwood Design Center
The ceramic tiles are adhered using cement and sand mortar. Photography by César Béjar.
The exterior of the Arca Wynwood Design Center
The 13,000-square-foot Arco Wynwood Design Center, the second showroom Esrawe Studio has designed for Grupo Arca, offers masonry bricks and exotic natural and Italian-fabricated engineered stone as well as space for temporary exhibitions, film screenings, and musical performances. Photography by César Béjar.
A person stands in front of the tiled facade of the Arca Wynwood Design Center in Miami
Echoing the neighborhood’s colorful murals, the project is called Like a Force of Nature, referencing the wavelike illusion of the tiles and a commentary on current global economic and environmental crises. Photography by César Béjar.

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