May 1, 2018

Mjölk Architekti Makes Window Displays With Maximum Impact at Janosik’s Prague Showroom

The Janosik showroom sits within a First Republic-era apartment building. Photography by Boys Play Nice.

A circa 1920 apartment building in Prague had seen a lot over the years, including many decades of changing tenants and subsequent renovations. So when Jan Mach, Jan Vondrák, and Lukáš Holub of Mjölk Architekti were tasked with building out a showroom for Janosik, they first had to undo almost a century of work.

“The main task was to clean up the entire space and restore the interior surfaces,” says Holub. In the process, they happily uncovered flooring made from of-the-moment terrazzo throughout the 1,500-square-foot space. A 1990’s grid ceiling was removed to reveal concrete, which they whitewashed. The team then filled out the showroom with Czech furnishings.

Of course, the main focus are the manufacturer’s window samples, some positioned for maximum impact on graphic rectangular fixtures. The rest are set into whimsical scenes for displays, Holub says, that “don’t act as a sample room, but as a dwelling interior.” In other words, ideas for the next hundred years.

Pendant lights throughout the space are by Bomma and Lasvit. Photography by Boys Play Nice.
A display window opens onto a faux-forest scene. Photography by Boys Play Nice.
Chairs and tables are by TON. Photography by Boys Play Nice.
Flowers from the local Plevel shop sit in Dechem vases. Photography by Boys Play Nice.
Minimalist display units focus the eye on displays of window frames. Photography by Boys Play Nice.

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